A wedding dress is one of the most exciting and significant pieces you will ever buy. As such, I think it essential that the creative process involves you as much as possible. In my mind, no Joanna Penneycard dress need ever be the same – each can, and should, be specially designed for the bride who is to wear it. The dresses displayed on the website can be adapted for every client - whether this involves a change to the neckline, a lengthening of sleeve or something as intricate as initials entwined into the embroidery. No design is fixed; they are a canvas for us to work on.


A different approach

Instead of an impersonal showroom approach, we are set up as a traditional tailor. Each client will consult with the designer in person to talk through what you have been envisioning. A full range of sample dresses will then be available to try on in the first instance, for inspiration, and from there we will work through the design process together. This personal and bespoke approach will mean that only a limited selection of dresses can be created each year, making every Joanna Penneycard dress unique and unusual.



The fabrics employed in a Joanna Penneycard creation are chosen with extreme care. The fall and feel of the fabric is one of the most important elements of my work. As a client, you will be able to help chose the fabrics you want for your gown. The same approach is applied to the intricate embroidery work. Designed by myself, and hand embroidered, each piece can be personalised.


Alternative pieces

Although bridal gowns are the main element of the Joanna Penneycard line, the current range of sample dresses can all be redesigned into bridesmaid dresses, evening gowns etc. Please do not hesitate to ask if a piece catches your eye; it could always be reworked for a different occasion.



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